11 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your First Date

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I was talking with Lance (Sensei) the other day about common mistakes guys make when they meet a girl after the initial pickup, so I thought I would put together this list.  You do not want to make these mistakes.

After all, you spent a ton of money on your clothes.  You practiced your rap. You had countless conversations that went nowhere.   You missed out on sleep while out at the bars.  And it was all worth it, because you got a date with an exciting woman. Make it count!

In no particular order, here are some of the most common mistakes guys make on the day-2.

Mistake #1

Missing Opportunities For Social Proof

If you go on numerous dates, you’ll get to know the staff at your favorite watering hole.  Use it to your advantage!  It demonstrates status to the girl when the staff greet you and you chat with them.

On one recent lunch date at one of my favorite nearby cafes, my date’s order was screwed up.  I called the waitress over by name and asked her to fix it; while I would have done this anyway, my relationship with the waitress made the episode much easier, and I looked like a king to my date.  I was the  master  of  the  environment,  had  everything  handled,  and  she  felt protected and safe.

Mistake #2

Not Having An Isolation Premise

Before you meet the girl, find an innocent reason for her to follow you into the seduction environment.  It could be to play her some music, to show her some art, or to show her your new fish.  Anything unusual in your apartment that you want to show her can work.

I write songs as a hobby, and this works great for me.  I mention a song idea I’m thinking about during the date.  I’ll ask her if she’s ever experienced the feelings associated with the song idea.  Later I’ll grab her hand and drag her out of the cafe saying, “Come on, I’m gonna play you my song.”

Mistake #3

Not Touching Her At The Very Beginning

If you did a good job during the pickup, you touched the girl a fair bit. Don’t start over, and don’t set yourself up for landing in the friend zone.  As soon as you see her next, give her a hug and perhaps even kiss her on the cheek.  Then, keep touching her frequently during the conversation.  If you forget, you’ll find yourself in an awkward situation.   Halfway through the date – or even at the end – a sudden hug or kiss will stand out.  It will seem creepy and needy to her, and her defenses will go up.

I had a date a few weeks ago with a girl I hadn’t seen in quite some time (our schedules just didn’t work).  When I finally did see her, I didn’t feel like the iron was hot anymore, and I made the basic mistake of not touching her enough.  The chemistry never got off the ground.

Mistake #4

Not Escalating Quickly Enough

Most guys are very nervous when they meet a girl for a date.   Because they’re worried about screwing up, they don’t pay attention to the signals the girl is sending.  Even when she’s really into him, he’ll miss it, and she’ll feel rejected.

At the end of one recent date, the girl asked if I wanted a ride home. Her offer demonstrated a high  interest level and gave  me an opportunity to advance.  However, I was so excited by the opening she created to bust on her, I missed the vulnerability she was feeling at that moment.   When I playfully rejected her offer, I hurt her feelings.  Had I realized how far along I was, I would have put my arm around her waist instead.  Who knows what might have happened when we got to my place?

Mistake #5

Doing Something That Costs Money

If you spend money, she’ll tend to put up her defenses.   If she spends money, it’s worse: you’ll both feel very awkward as you try to fight nature. Besides, there are so many things you can do that are fun and cost next to nothing.

I’ll never forget the time I let a hot girl take me for dinner and a movie.  I thought she was showing so much interest that I was in like Flynn and couldn’t possibly mess things up.  However, no matter how playful I was, the vibe kept sinking.   By the end of the evening, neither of us was particularly interested in sex.

Mistake #6

Not Having A Consistent Plan You Use On Every Day-2

If you go to a different cafe for each date, you’ll never get friendly with the staff.  If you tell different stories each date, you’ll never get good at telling them.  On the other hand, if you keep everything the same, then after a few dates, you’ll know exactly where you’re dropping the ball.  You’ll be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.

We were covering this topic in a recent Art of Rapport workshop when a student said, “I don’t really know what I do, I just go with the flow, you know,  and  sometimes  it’s  great  and  other  times,  well…”    That’s  what happens when you don’t follow a consistent plan – you leave your dates to chance.

Lots of guys have a routine stack they use during pickup because it gets them consistent results and helps them learn faster.  Do the same thing for your day-2s, and you’ll accelerate your progress dramatically.

Mistake #7

Not Running A Little Bit Of Attraction At The Start Of The Date

It’s essential to remind her why she came to meet you in the first place – you’re a sexy guy, and that means confident, funny, and socially aware. Make a joke about how her being early shows how much she wants you or do a little playful cold reading.

Mistake #8

Encouraging Her To Bring A Chaperon

Sometimes guys will invite a girl and her friends to a group outing, hoping to reduce flakiness by addressing any fear the woman might have.

However, the cost is you’ll probably end up just being friends with her. Make it clear when you invite her on the date that you are meeting one-on- one to get to know each other better.   If she doesn’t agree, you probably made a mistake upstream.

Mistake #9

Meeting Her In Too Interesting Of An Environment

This is one of the worst problems with taking a girl to a movie – you’re watching the movie instead of getting to know each other.   Go to a place where the energy is relatively low and the two of you won’t be distracted.

For example, one great ladies’ man I know likes to take girls to a bar near his place that attracts a much older, subdued crowd.   No one hits on his date.   She’s not looking around at other hot girls trying to figure out the pecking order.   He has her undivided attention, and when she has a great time, he gets all the credit.

Mistake #10

Not Leading!

Don’t ever say, “OK,” to a request she makes.  Have a plan and a role for her in the plan and instruct her each step of the way.  If she resists, bust on her playfully and stick to your plan.

For example, when my date arrives at the cafe, I always tell her to give me a hug.  I’ll let her sit down, but then I’ll stand up and say, “Give me a hug.” [She always does.]  When we sit back down, I’ll hand her the drink list and say, “Have a look at the menu.” It may seem trivial, but to her, it’s definitely not.

This does not mean you can’t adjust your plans to accelerate things if you read her signals right; just don’t allow her to run things overtly.

Mistake #11

Planning Long Dates

Many  guys  hope  to  get  laid  on  the  first  date;  since  they  know  from experience that this can take a number of hours, they plan a whole bunch of stuff for the first date.

This creates pressure similar to spending money on the girl.  If you plan a short date and the girl is giving you the right signals, you can always adjust the plan.

Besides, several short dates will get her to bed in less actual invested time than one long date because it will feel much longer to her, and she won’t have to explain to her friends that she slept with you on the first date.

For example, I recently met a girl who suggested we go to a street fair for our first date.   Although the street fair would have been fun, and her suggestion showed a high interest level, several problems would have resulted from me accepting her invitation:

a) Credit for the fun we had would be attributed to the festival rather than me.

b) The date is expected to be Short dates imply you have a lot going on, and dates that are planned short but end up going long imply you guys really like each other.

c) The frame is more traditional,and that will slow the seduction.

d) It’s her Remember, I’m the man, and I’m supposed to lead. e) It’s much harder to venue change from a street fair to my house than it is to venue change from a nearby cafe to my house.

f) I won’t be able to practice my day-2 routine in a controlled environment.

I hope this list is helpful to people.  Let me know what you think – I would love to hear from you.

9 Steps To A Solid Second Meeting

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It seems that a common sticking point for a lot of guys is that they get talking to a girl, things are going well, they like her, and then they just say goodbye. Or other times, they get her number, or even set up a date, but the girl never shows up, and nothing ever happens.

Fake numbers, flakes, girls losing interest, excuses: “I’m busy washing my cat.”… Our goal here isn’t just to talk to women and then never see them again.  So, let’s talk

about how to make something happen beyond the first encounter.

One option is to just say goodbye and hope you will see her again.  Unless she goes to your high school, or sits two cubicles away from you at work… you WON’T see her again.  So, forget it.

Now, a lot of guys realize that they have to do something, so they get her phone number or email.  And then they’ll get excited because they think they just scored with that girl. You “got the digits” – you’re The Man.  Right?    …Wrong.  Guys who know what they’re doing with women realize that phone numbers don’t mean anything.  Girls often give out their numbers (or even fake numbers), with no intention of ever seeing the guy again.

Simply getting her contact information leaves a lot of work to be done on the phone (or email.)   You’ll be stuck wondering if she will pick up the phone, if you should leave a message, if you should wait three days, or five?…  You won’t be sure if anything will ever come of it.  Just getting a phone number should ONLY be done when there are serious time constraints.  If you only have 3 minutes to work your magic, then go for it – at least you can try. Otherwise, *never* settle for just a phone number.

Another option is to continue the interaction, and ideally, get her home the same day you meet her.  Venue changing and getting her to an isolated location will be valuable for a number of obvious reasons.  However, it’s very common that a guy doesn’t have the time or the means of getting her to an isolated place the same day. It’s a great option, but it’s a topic for another discussion.

So, if you want to end an interaction with a woman and you want to see her again, the answer is simple:  Make solid plans to meet again.  We’ll call it a “day 2”, since we don’t want it falling in to the stereotype of a “date”.  This includes plans for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it.  And, of course, it includes getting her phone number.  After you’ve made plans, it will be obvious that you need her number, and she will never refuse it.

The goal is to set plans when your with her that are so solid, that she will show up at the next point in time when you meet again.  Then, the seduction will continue. But, if you can’t cross the gap in time you won’t be able to continue.

When I’ve made solid plans for a day 2 with a girl and I‘ve done everything right, I can almost guarantee that she will show up.  When I’m done, I won’t be left wondering what’s going to happen, and neither will she.  Setting up a day 2 is so much better than settling for a phone number.  If you can’t convince her to meet you in person… how will

you be able to do it over the phone?  You will have her in front of you, and you can judge her reactions.  The better you get at calibrating a girl’s reactions, the better you will be at making sure she is committed to meet you again.

Why do girls flake?

In order to eliminate flakes, it’s important to know why girls are flaking.  Here are the main reasons:

** They were never really convinced, or never really committed to it.  Often people agree to something, but don’t really intend to do it.  Maybe, she likes the day 2 plans at the

time, but later she will forget about it, or forget why she said yes. The fact is she never really intended to go.  Or, she could be lazy and when the time comes to meet you, she just feels like staying home instead.

** They talk themselves out of it. Or more commonly, their friends talk them out of it. She may really like you when she meets you, but later her logical mind kicks in and she convinces herself not to go.  Some girls may get nervous, or feel like it’s a hassle to get all dressed up and go out. Or it may be that the attraction she felt fades away, and she doesn’t have a logical reason why she was attracted to you. Or, their social conditioning will kick in (I can’t go out with some guy I met at a bar that night.  He was probably drunk, etc…. I don’t even know who he is.) Her friends may also say any of these things to her.  Never underestimate the influence of her friends.

** Something really does come up.  When this happens, you can usually tell.  The woman will be apologetic, and want to set up another date.  Often this is really good, because you can set up a better date, or make her commit to paying for it or making it up to you in some other way. If she isn’t willing to reschedule AND make it up to you for flaking… then it’s probably not really a genuine flake.

** She met another guy in between your first and second meetings.  This could be because she is really hot and meets lots of guys, or it could just be really bad timing.

** She’s just a flakey girl and doesn’t ever meet up with anyone for anything at any particular time.  There are some people in the world like this.

When addressing the sticking point of flakes, it’s important to understand their cause. Not settling for just a phone number will eliminate a large percentage of flakes. And addressing the main causes of flakes when the woman is in front of you will ensure that she shows up for the day 2.

9 Steps to a Solid Day 2

Here it is.  This is the basic pattern of any good day 2 close.  There may be some variation, but usually all of these steps will be present in some form.

Step 1: Be sure she wants to meet you.

Before you set up the day 2, it is important to make sure you have generated enough

attraction and enough comfort.  You must test this, and there are many ways to test.  It can be done non-verbally: does she respond well to your touch, or is she touching you back?  Is she making strong eye contact and paying close attention to you?  Or, this can be done verbally: you can say something like “we’ve got a really great vibe going.” If she looks away and meekly says “uh…yeah, I guess,” then you know she isn’t ready yet. If she looks into your eyes and warmly says “yeah, totally,” then, you know she’s ready.

The first step is that you must have enough attraction and comfort.  If you test her, and think that she isn’t responding well enough.  Go back a step and keep chatting her up, then test again later.

In general, you always want to test to see if you have enough attraction and rapport.  This doesn’t mean that she has to be in love with you, but she must be excited enough to take the next step with you. When testing her, it’s better to know that she’s not interested now, while she’s in front of you, then waste time calling and emailing her later.  A lot of guy’s might not test a girl because they don’t want her to say “no.”  But, really you will save yourself time and energy by finding out sooner.

If you are getting bad numbers or a lot of flakes, the problem is that you either didn’t have enough attraction or enough comfort.

For most guys, the problem is not enough attraction.  They didn’t distinguish themselves from other guys. I met one girl and when I called her later she said that she was actually just new in town and wanted to make some friends.  In the end, all she wanted was a friend, and we never actually met up.

Sometimes there is enough attraction, but there is not enough comfort. This happened to me recently when I was under time constraints and the girl told me she was a bit of an introvert and didn’t usually talk to strangers.  She just didn’t know anything about me.  If I had more time, she would’ve become more comfortable.

Basically, if you test and find that she is not attracted enough… go back and do more attraction.  If she doesn’t feel comfortable, then build more comfort and trust.  Don’t push for a phone number or a day 2, but keep gaming her and then test again.  Make sure she wants it.

When you offer opportunities, and suggestions, you can gauge her reactions.  Don’t expect her to jump up and suggest the day 2 (although, sometimes she will do this).  It’s the man’s job to lead, so don’t be too vague and wishy washy. While on the other hand, you don’t want to be so explicit that has a chance to say “No.”  Instead, you are giving her a chance to shrug or give an un-enthusiastic “alright.”  If she has to verbalize “No,” it will make the job of changing her mind very difficult.  So remember to test.

Step 2: Create a context for meeting her.

Once it seems that she is attracted to you, and you are attracted to her, you want to

suggest a second meeting.  Find a commonality or some kind of excuse for a second meeting. An example would be if she says that she likes art, I would say “oh, I’ll have to show you my art sometime.”  In a way, I’m still testing her attraction.  So, pay attention to how she reacts..  If she excitedly says “yeah, I want to see it.” – good.  If she just says “hmmmm… I’m sure it’s very nice.” – bad.  If you are having trouble finding commonalities, you can throw out a generic “hey, we should hang out some time.” Or “This is a great conversation, we’ll have to continue it another time.”  You should now have a pretty good idea where she stands.  If she’s not showing lots of interest, go back and generate more attraction.  If she responds well, you’ve already suggested a meeting and you can keep going. You can also dive deeper into your commonalities to get her more excited about meeting for that reason.

Having an excuse to meet again will help because it will flow naturally into the conversation, but it will also eliminate a main cause of flakes.  It will give her an excuse to tell her friends, and to tell herself.  She can say “yeah, I’m going to see his artwork.” While really in the back of her mind, she knows why she is really going to see you.

Something else that I might say at this point is something like: “You know, I go to bars, and I meet a lot of people. And sometimes, I might meet them later, and it turns out they’re all weird and stuff.  But, it’s rare that I ever meet anyone that I connect with like this.”  Giving her the feeling that this is a special case will eliminate the objection that

she can’t go out with some random guy she met in a bar.  Overcome this objection before she ever mentions it.

Step 3: Find out when she is free.

Now it’s time to find out when she is free.  Ask her “what are you doing Monday night?”

7 Success Secrets Of Meeting Beautiful Women

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7 Success Secrets Of  Meeting Beautiful Women


There  are  many  more  than  7  “secrets”  to  approaching  beautiful women, in fact there are at least 492.  Seriously, I’ve written them all out.  OK, I’m joking, but, anyone you talk to who is experienced at approaching beautiful women is going to have a list, even if it’s just in their head, of things they consider to be the most important.

Oftentimes if you compare the lists of guys who are really successful with women, you’ll find there are several overlaps.  The reason every list  isn’t  exactly  the  same  is  that  everyone  who  successfully approaches beautiful women has their own style.   When writing out this list, I’ve taken that into account, and I’ve made these points as broadly applicable to as many guys as possible.  This isn’t a list based on my style, it’s a list based on a combination of my style and all the styles I’ve observed working for others who are having great success in meeting beautiful women every day.

And now one final note: When explaining many of the “secrets” of approaching beautiful women I’ll occasionally be asking you to imagine yourself in place of the woman being approached.  At first this may seem weird, difficult, creepy or even impossible, but oftentimes it’s the best way to truly grasp the power of the “secret” being explained.

Now on to the real magic…

Success Secret #1

Don’t Pause To Think

Some people who approach beautiful women talk about a three second rule.  The idea behind this is that the time between when you see a woman you want to approach and the time you’re actually walking toward her is less than three seconds.

This is a great rule of thumb and has helped many guys get in the habit of approaching the women they desire rather than watching other guys who have already internalized this “secret” walk up to her, talk to her and proceed to make her day.

If the three second rule works for you, use it.  My rule is, when you see a woman you like, go for it.  in my opinion, it’s more inspirational and, I believe, much more fun.

It should be noted that acting in this way has a profound effect on everyone else in the venue.   When people watch a confident guy blazing through a venue talking to all the most beautiful women to be found, they see him differently than everyone else.  Most guys will be envious and most girls get excited waiting for their turn to meet the fascinating individual.

We do two things in our workshop that help clients internalize this rule to the point that it becomes second nature.   First, we’ll have our

instructors take their clients to a venue a few blocks from the first target venue of the evening.  On the walk over, clients are instructed to engage at least three groups of strangers on the way, even if only to  ask directions or  the time. This gets clients in the habit of approaching.

Second, instructors make sure that clients engage the first set of people—girls,  guys  or  any  mixture  thereof—upon  entering  a  new venue in order to further drill home the point of immediately approaching new people without even pausing to think.

When a woman makes eye contact with a guy and then smiles and looks away, that’s the time to approach.  Guys who have less success with women will make endless excuses like, ‘OK, I’ll grab a drink, go to the bathroom and then that girl over there is mine for the taking.’

Now think of the same scenario though from the girl’s perspective: She looks up, sees an attractive guy, smiles at him and waits… and waits… and waits.  Can you see how it’s over the minute she realizes that this guy doesn’t have the guts to approach?  Be the guy who approaches.

There are guys who consider eye-contact not only a pre-requisite to approach, but even worse, the first of a list of pre-requisites.  Some may  wait  to  get  eye  contact  multiple  times  before  approaching. Having talked to many beautiful women about exactly this topic, I can tell you that invariably they describe the experience of making eye contact multiple times before the initial approach as CREEPY.

So what’s to be done?   In a workshop you have the guidance and instruction of competent trainers, but even on your own you can train yourself and make progress.   And the way you do this is by forcing yourself in the beginning to approach any woman you want to talk to the instant you see her, eye contact or no.

In our Art of Attraction workshop we spend three days explaining what you say for about the first five minutes after you walk over there.  If you haven’t taken the workshop yet, you’ll still learn to be more successful than 90% of the other guys out there if you follow this rule and start with just the word “Hi.”

There is one important exception to Success Secret #1:

Never stop a woman in motion!

Wait for her to get where she’s going.

OK, so that’s technically an exception to the first rule, but in this game you have to be flexible!  When you see a woman you’d like to talk to who is walking across the room, don’t try to stop her.  Instead, let her get where she’s going and then approach her there.

It’s been my experience, and I’ve seen this with other guys doing approaches, that a woman who is moving usually has somewhere to go.   When you try to stop her she’s much less receptive than she would be if she were allowed to reach her destination.  She may really have to pee!

I’ve even had the experience of trying to stop a beautiful woman while she was moving, only to get a bad reaction and a shot of her walking off into the distance.  Then later, approaching the same girl when she’s situated comfortably at her destination, get a great reaction!

So let her get to where she’s going.  Let her get comfortable.  When she’s no longer thinking about where she has to go or how she’s going to get there, she’s going to be a lot more open to being approached than she would have been while walking by.

Success Secret #2

Make Sure Her Friends Like You

Powerfully engage the whole group of which your beautiful woman is a part.

It’s a rookie mistake I see all too often.  And worse, there’s almost no way to recover from it unless, or course, you’ve taken our advanced course.

Let’s imagine how this looks from two different perspectives, both of which are going to require some imagination…

First, imagine that you’re the beautiful woman you’d like to approach. She looks up and sees a guy walking toward her and her friends. What’s she thinking?   I’ve asked lots of women, and the answer is almost always something like this, “Cool, a great guy is coming over to say hi, I hope my friends like him…”

So how do you ensure that her friends like you?  You engage them. This is so much easier to demonstrate in person in a workshop, but I’ll do the best I can in writing.  When you walk over to a group of people and get them all loving you, then everyone is excited for both you and the beautiful woman you’re interested in when the time comes.  But what if you don’t engage the whole group?

Time for some more imagination!  Let’s imagine that you’re the friend of the beautiful woman you’re approaching.   What is she thinking? Lucky for you, I’ve asked this too, and it’s usually something like this, “Oh look, here comes a ‘cool’ guy to talk to my beautiful friend…  I see her once a month and he wants to come take her away from me.  I don’t think so.”

At this point, it doesn’t matter how “cool” you are.  You could be Brad Pitt—OK, let’s just say you could look like Brad Pitt—and her friends would be thinking the same thing about you.  You’re just the next in a series of a thousand guys who wants to take their friend away for the night.  At this point it doesn’t matter how good looking, well-spoken or “cool” you are, they don’t know you—and therefore don’t like you—and they don’t want you trying to take their friend away.

But imagine the surprise of all of her friends if you walk up to the group and powerfully engage them as a GROUP.  Now what are her friends thinking?  I’ll tell you.  It’s something like this, “Wow, this guy is taking the time to get to know all of us.  He’s just a social guy who’s out meeting people and having fun in the process.”

This is exactly what you want them thinking, because before you know it they’re thinking something else.  And it’s something like this, “Hey, he and my friend would be great together.  He’s such a great guy.  I can really see them hitting it off.”

Meanwhile, what is your girl thinking?  Lucky you, I’ll tell you that too. She’s thinking something like this, “Wow, my friends actually like this guy!  That’s amazing!  They never like any guy who hits on me when I’m out with them.  They’re so protective; he must really be something special.”

At first it seems like such a trivial thing: engaging the whole group she’s in.  But when viewed through the collective eyes of the group itself it becomes obvious why it’s imperative that you engage the group as a whole before showing any special interest in the girl you really want to get to know better.

Demonstrating this in a workshop is always a powerful eye-opener.

Success Secret #3

Be Playful

Easier said than done for some guys, but in reality this is do-able for everyone.   I’ve coached countless guys to be less serious and more playful in their approaches and have seen the fantastic results!

Most people have 9 to 5 jobs.  Most people have mortgages, or rents to cover.  Almost everyone has bills to pay, checkbooks to balance and households too manage.   Some have dogs to walk and some even have kids to feed!  When people go out—and the beautiful women you want to approach are no exception—they don’t want to be reminded of such serious topics.

It’s your job to show them there’s a lighter side to life and to lead them gently into this way of thinking.  No matter how great a guy you are, no woman is going to be turned on by your extensive knowledge of real estate or the benefits of leasing over buying.  Make her feel serious and talk about serious things and she’ll look at you as someone who may be very helpful when tax time rolls around.   But make a beautiful woman laugh, giggle and feel like a little girl and she’ll follow you around begging you to do it again!

When clients see this in workshop, they start to grasp the power of what we teach our clients.

Show me a different guy who reminds women what it feels like to laugh, giggle and be light-hearted, and I’ll show you a guy who lives in a world of abundant female company.

Show me a serious guy approaching women, and I’ll show you a guy who is frustrated.

Success Secret #4

Defy Being Labeled

Two words that describe a very profound concept.  Have you ever seen something that at first sight you couldn’t quite identify?  Maybe it was a reflection reaching your eyes off the imperfect surface of a building window.  It doesn’t matter, because the effect is the same.  Until we— and I mean all humans—are able to identify and label something, we can’t look away.

“Hi, nice night, do you come here often?”  It doesn’t matter whether she labels you as normal, nice, predictable or boring, the fact is that in her mind she knows who and what you are and she can label you.  If she feels this way right off the bat, she’s no longer paying attention to you or, as the new-age type people say—’being present.’

The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women

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The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women

The Lover And Provider Personalities

The Eight Personality Types Of Men Who Are Successful With Women


After examining development, associations, girls, and mindset for the past a few years, I have come across some surprising advice.

I today consider that girls have two types of ‘psychological applications’ in terms of guys. When i-say the phrase ‘applications’ it is meant by me. Particularly, I mean that society to react AUTOMATICALLY to two kinds of guys that match their psychological images programs from birth by their genes, together with them.

In psychology, the term ‘archetype’ can be used to refer to a psychological construction that works on a subconscious level. Iwill make use of the term
‘Character types’ here to describe this theory.

In brief:

In my opinion that girls react MECHANICALLY to particular guys, which most of the answer is on the basis of the the person character, communication, accomplishments, etc. – maybe not his appearances (don’t-get me wrong. Appearances are not unimportant. However they are not anywhere near as significant over time as character).

Girls usually are not consciously conscious of why they respond to these
Character Types.

These characters may be split into two fundamental organizations: The fan as well as The supplier company.

Fan characters are responded to by girls by making love together instantly.

Girls answer Supplier characters so that you can really make the guy, by denying sexual activity show he is going to remain true for the future.

In addition, there are a few ‘defeated’ character types. By defeated, I suggest why these varieties are unattractive to the majority of girls. (In the event if you are among these, do not consider it individually. Attempt different things.
All these are the two streets that are psychological – Fan (brief phrase) or Supplier (extended phrase). One road difficult to get off in the event that you get on it. Consequently pick sensibly.

For all both Character Types that are effective, there are four versions. All these are made by combining the variables of ‘Dominant vs. Submissive’ using the fundamental characters. This provides the total to ten sub- varieties which can be not unsuccessful with girls.

Following is just a little graph that reveals the character kinds. You’ll find two character types in every single carton. The ‘bad-boy’ and the
‘Adventurer’ come in a single carton, but they’re characters that are different.

The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women

And here’s a short description of the eight personalities with the appeals that they have to women:

Lover Personalities:

Bad Boy (danger) Someone who’s dangerous and thrilling to be around. Adventurer (fun) Someone who’s fun and exciting to be around. Seducer (sex) Someone who is sensual and sexy and makes her feelsexy.

Artist (Musician, Poet) (emotion) Someone who moves her emotions and is enigmatic and complex.

Provider Personalities:

Successful Guy (means) Someone who provides a great lifestyle and stability.

Daddy (control) Someone who tells her what to do and controls her. Regular Guy (loyalty) Someone who is down to earth, loyal and stable. Ass Kissing Guy (her boy) Someone who gives her whatever she wants.

The majority of the girls in this-world may respond to one degree or another to all those characters.

Now, in the event that you study about the best way to achieve success with girls, what additional writers say, you will be often taught by them just what works about them. I am not innocent of the very thing within my novel. I make an effort to provide a view that is more comprehensive on
The issue, that even although some thing fails for ME, since I consider
Does not imply that it will not function!

So following is a brief summarize of every character type. Consider which one you most strongly resemble, and make it your aim to be like the best each evening, as you study.

Lover Personalities

The Bad Boy (danger) Someone who’s dangerous and thrilling to be around.

Bad boys are everything from gangsters to bikers to some rock and roll musicians. These guys are usually tough, dress tough, and act tough as often as possible. They drink, smoke, get tattoos, and generally demonstrate

in every way possible that they’re from the wrong side of the tracks, and your mother would not approve.

Examples: Tommy Lee, Mickey Rourke, any guy on a Harley, and Sammy The Bull.

Why do women love them? Danger Will Robinson! There is an addictive emotional rush being around a guy that could literally do ANYTHING. A lot of these guys wind up beating their model girlfriends and spending time in jail.

Later, the woman says “He made a mistake, and I love him…” Amazing. These guys almost always control their women. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend being the extreme version of this one. You can get a tattoo and buy a Harley and act all bad, but it’s really not making to you a better person to become a criminal.

I have to mention that this personality type is the one that women are most MAGNETICALLY attracted to. Again, this is because of the addictive rush that comes from being around them.

The Adventurer (fun) Someone who’s fun and exciting to be around.

The Adventurer is constantly looking for the next fun experience. Adventurers love to go surfing, skiing, racing, bungee-jumping, and skydiving. Think Indiana Jones and James Bond.

They are fearless. Instead of being bad to get thrills, they usually like to do crazy things to get thrills. Their appeal is much the same as the Bad Boy, except that these guys don’t usually wind up beating their women. Women like to be around them because they drive fast, go interesting places, and generally have a sense of ‘adventure’ about everything they do.

They have the attitude of “What adventure is waiting around the next corner” – even if they’re just going out to dinner. They have a colorful way of slightly exaggerating every story and emphasizing the adventurous points.

Adventurers are like Bad Boys in that they like fast toys and fast women. Women are attracted to them because they are a kick to be around

– and they often have more than one woman at a time (and I mean this both ways!) And women totally accept this from them. Women usually understand on an unconscious level that this is the type of guy that loves more than one woman.

They’re also damn fun. I have a couple of Adventurer buddies, and they’re always talking about how much fun everything is, and the fun they’re going to have tonight and tomorrow. They have extreme optimism, which women LOVE.

Again, Adventurers are usually in control in relationships, and can never be tamed. A curious point: most of the Adventurers that I know cheat on their girlfriends or spouses. Hugh Hefner is an ‘Adventurer’ personality.

The Seducer (sex) Someone who is sensual and sexy and makes her feel sexy.

Seducers are all about women. They understand women completely. As a matter of fact, I sometimes think that maybe they were women in past lives or something.

I have to read, struggle, and work to understand women. Seducers seem to have a natural way with them. To most men, a Seducer seems bizarre, and even slightly homosexual. They do things that are pretty far out.

Watch the movie ‘Don Juan DeMarco’ with Johnny Depp. This movie is the epitome of the Seducer. Don Juan can only see the world through his romantic perspective, which is magnetic to women. Seducers are usually submissive, as they are constantly pleasing the woman, and paying careful attention to her needs.

The flip side is that as soon as they have gotten what they want from a woman (sex), they’re gone. Sure, they may come back for romantic evenings of sex, but they are not often around for the long term.

The Artist (Musician, Poet) (emotion) Someone who moves her emotions and is enigmatic and complex.

Why is Barry White so famous for swooning the chicks?

Why do women love guys like Kurt Kobain and other equally twisted, introverted guys?

I believe that the answer lies inside the psyche of women. Women like to have challenges, and they like to help people. The Artist personality is both complex and in need of help and understanding.

Most Artists see the world much differently than other people. They look at tree and see a giant feather duster, or they see a color and can taste it. If you think I’m kidding, I’m not. I’ve spent years studying psychology, and there are some people that have their senses and perceptions combined and linked in unusual ways.

Women can usually understand the Artist’s expressions better than other men can. And they are usually very attracted to these personalities for this very reason. The Artist needs someone to understand them, and there’s always a woman who needs someone to be understood.

Most Artists are not in control of the woman in their lives, because they’re not in control of THEMSELVES. They are usually disorganized, and completely unaware of time, etc. If you want to become an Artist, also work

on the other areas of your life to stay in balance. Unfortunately, most Artists don’t have very healthy personalities.

Provider Personalities

The Successful Guy (means) Someone who provides a great lifestyle and stability.

The successful guy brings money and stability to the table. Most women are trying to find one of these guys to marry them.

The way to demonstrate that you’re a Successful Guy is to drive a nice car, live in a nice house, take her to nice dinners, and buy her gifts. Any Doctor, Lawyer or Stock Broker fits this ideal.

Usually, these guys are dominant in the relationship. They’ve worked hard to climb the ladder of success, and they use these leadership skills in their relationship (and even parenting).

Women love them because they represent the ultimate goal of most women: Stability.  Most wives would rather have a stable $3,000.00 a month income than have an unpredictable income of $50,000.00 a year -spread out over 12 months with no guarantee of when in the year they’ll get it.

So Mr. Successful Guy gives them that ‘Security Blanket.’ I personally think that Successful Guys are the ones who most likely use prostitutes the most in America. This is just a guess, but my experience tells me that it’s probably accurate.

If you’re successful, then this one is easy. If you’re not, then you might want to think about learning some marketable skills.

Here’s a warning: Most men try to act like they’re successful when they first meet a woman. They show off by buying drinks or dinner, etc. This immediately causes a woman to go into the mode of ‘hold off on the sex.’ The other problem is that it’s expensive.

Buy yourself a copy of ‘The Rules’ – the one that’s written for women. This is they type of guy that they’re teaching women to trap. So beware.

Daddy (control) Someone who tells her what to do and controls her.

This is another interesting personality type. Some women are very attracted to controlling men who treat them like little girls. Some women take this to an extreme and date men much older than them.

I don’t know if this is an accurate observation, but a lot of really attractive, powerful women are attracted to men who control them and treat them like little girls.

My opinion is that some women get their way all the time from men, and they don’t like it. They resent men who bow down to them, and have no respect for them. There’s a certain sexual energy that comes from being controlled, and a lot of powerful women are attracted to it.

If you’re interested in learning more about this mindset, read the book

‘Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns’ by Philip Miller. The first 50 or 60 pages are a very interesting discussion of dominance and submission. Although I don’t like to act like a woman’s Daddy, I’ve found that it’s very useful to know how to spot a woman that’s testing me – and how to deal with it.

French Kissing 101:Your Complete Guide to Kissing Tips and Techniques

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a 04

Table Of Contents

First Kiss

– First kiss ever …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 2

– Kissing a new partner for the first time …………………………………………………………. 2

– How to do it step by step ……………………………………………………………………………… 3

– Things to remember ……………………………………………………………………………………. 3

– Things to avoid …………………………………………………………………………………………….4

– Dealing with nerves …………………………………………………………………………………….. 5

– What  if they don’t want to kiss me back? ………………………………………………………. 5

– Photographic Step-By-Step Guide…………………………………………………………………..6

French Kiss …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 9

Practice ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..13

How to deal with rejection………………………………………………………………………………15

How to be a better kisser…………………………………………………………………………………17

Kissing reactions ……………………………………………………………………………………………19

How to respond to their reactions ……………………………………………………………………20

Bad responses ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 21

Good responses………………………………………………………………………………………………23

When kissing is not appropriate ………………………………………………………………………25

Different kinds of kissing ………………………………………………………………………………..28

Games …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..28

Different places & ways  to kiss ………………………………………………………………………..30

Different ways to hold them when kissing …………………………………………………………33

The most romantic and exciting kisses………………………………………………………………36

The setting …………………………………………………………………………………………………….36

Spontaneity ……………………………………………………………………………………………………37

Differences between  men and women ………………………………………………………………40

Emotional side of kissing …………………………………………………………………………………41

Kissing facts ……………………………………………………………………………………………………42

Kissing Customs ……………………………………………………………………………………………..43

Tongue Piercing………………………………………………………………………………………………44

First Kiss

There are two different first time kisses, your first kiss ever and your first kiss with a new person. Either way they are both so exciting they will be something that will stick in your mind for years to come. In time, your recollection of some things will fade, yet your memory of your first kiss will remain. You may remember trivial things like the smell of their skin or a song that was on the radio at the time. But you will especially remember the feeling you had as your lips touched theirs and you shared that intimate moment.

First kiss ever

When it comes to your first kiss ever, it should be more about actually getting to give it a go. You’ve seen it in the movies and heard people talking about it, and perhaps you have wondered what all the fuss is about. It is important to make the point now that your first kiss may not be quite as smooth or as refined as it is in the movies. But trust me, after your first time it gets better and better. With time and practice you will come to understand  why it is the subject of sonnets and poetry.

Kissing a new partner for the first time

When you meet someone  you really like the first kiss is always a bit nerve wracking but it seems to take over your whole body. You’ll probably have butterflies in your stomach,  but they are good butterflies. This kiss is more romantic because you both know what to expect, but it is the kiss that defines the relationship and takes it to the next level.

Who should kiss who the first time? This is a question asked by a lot of people all over the world. I say it doesn’t matter. A lot of people think it is the guy’s obligation to be first to do everything, saying hello, asking the girl out, and making the first move. Is it fair to put all the pressure onto him? Absolutely not. If you feel as though you want to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend you should trust your instinct and make the move. There really is no need to stick to a hard and fast rule that says someone else has to make the first move. Good on you for having the guts to dive in for the catch. Now at least you are going to know that you are going to kiss someone and can prepare. The other person may feel the same way as well but may feel too shy to do anything about it.

Decide whereabouts  you want this first kiss to happen. It should be a semi-romantic situation setting but not cheesy, as this will cause the situation to turn cheesy. Maybe somewhere  like the park or beach, somewhere where you won’t get interrupted by family or friends. A kiss  is something shared  by two people you don’t want to kiss this person at a party if all your friends are close by. Cherish it, don’t put it on display for others entertainment.

You shouldn’t kiss when you are  in a rush.  If you  kiss  and then have to leave, the other  person  may feel shocked.  This can make it awkward when you meet up the next time. Both of you may want to talk about it a bit especially  if the kiss has changed things with the relationship between you. No doubt you’ll want to kiss for a while, especially seeing as it is your first kiss.

How to do it step by step

If it is your first kiss ever here’s what you need to do:

Prepare yourself beforehand  so you aren’t too nervous.

Get close to the person you want to kiss maybe by fooling around a little. Don’t make it too obvious otherwise there will be a little awkwardness  between  you. Now when it does come to the second you want to kiss her you aren’t too far away.

Now quickly de-stress  (read below).

Look at her in the eyes to make sure you both feel the same. If she  doesn’t she will pull away now. It also lets her know what’s going on so she doesn’t get a fright and get flustered.

Look at her mouth so you know exactly where you are aiming for. Don’t be fooled by how they do it in the movies and shut your eyes. People in real life don’t do that, and there is a chance you may miss. It also means you don’t have to have eye contact any longer which is good because long amounts of eye contact can make people nervous.

Tilt your head to one side.

Open your lips slightly, and holding her by the back of the neck move into her and KISS HER. Kiss either her bottom or her top lip. This way the lips get puzzled together.  Holding her by the back of the neck gives you control and will make her feel comfortable because it seems like you know what you are doing.

You probably want to close your eyes as soon as your lips meet or whenever you feel comfortable. You will know  when  the right time is,  and they will seem to close by themselves.

Slightly open mouth kisses are better than shut, as it feels more comfortable and it makes you feel closer. It is better than open mouth, it’s kind of like a build up to a proper kiss, to get a feel for each other and feel comfortable.

Pull away a little and go in again mouth slightly wider. Repeat 3-4 times each time mouth opening a little more.

Now’s the biggy!

Lightly, softly and slowly, start  moving your tongue in and out of their mouth, massaging their tongue with yours.

After the first little kiss look into you partners  eyes or if they are closed look to see if they look angry or want- ing more.  If they feel the kiss was inappropriate and don’t feel the same, they will pull away. If they don’t keep going then you know to stop because they obviously don’t feel ready or don’t have the same feelings as you.

Things to remember

Use Chap Stick regularly, as this will keep your lips in optimum kissable condition. Don’t use it in front of your partner just before you kiss them if you want to make the moment look romantic and not planned.

Brush your teeth morning, noon and night. Also brush your tongue as it has bacteria that cause bad breath. It would be scary to think you are kissing someone with yellow and brown teeth.

Chew gum and always have mints on hand.

Don’t kiss for too long, and take time to catch your breath  and swallow. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with a mouth full of saliva.

Take your time! You should never rush into it or be too rough.  They might think you are trying to remove their tonsils without anaesthetic. It will also show that you are inexperienced.

Be well hydrated. Have a glass of water before hand, as water also helps get rid of bad breath.

Things to avoid

A mouth full of gum. It gets in the way and is so embarrassing if it falls into your mates lap. In fact, it can completely ruin the moment. It also makes it look like you were preparing for it.

Any hesitant movements. They will feel a little confused as to what you are trying to do. It will make you feel unconfident  as well.

Don’t re-apply lipstick  if you think you are going to kiss someone  soon. It gets smeared  all over yours and their lips and faces, and is not a good look unless you both want to end up looking like clowns. It makes it a slippery surface to work with and nobody wants the taste of lipstick when they are kissing. Yuck!

Eating onions, peanut  butter (satay), garlic anything (bread, steak), and chives. Even though  mints will solve the problem temporarily, later on the smell and taste will return right about when things are getting good.

Stubble! Pash rash hurts, and is really hard on your skin, not to mention how unattractive it looks.

3-4 days growth is fine but it is more when it is just starting to come through. It is like someone  is rubbing sandpaper  over your face. 3-4 mins is OK, but anymore is just mean. Remember to shave. Cigarette or beer breath  is nasty. If you  need to continue drinking after having a few beers, try a few vodka and raspberries to disguise the taste, unless the other  person  is already intoxicated. There is nothing less attractive than someone leering at you and trying to kiss you when they smell like a brewery. The same goes for smoking. Take a breath mint after having a cigarette if you can. Otherwise  there is the likelihood that you will taste like an ashtray.

If you want this kiss to be memorable then you shouldn’t be drunk. You will need  complete control over your body to remember what to do so it doesn’t turn into an out of control, sloppy kiss. Also if you are sober and the other person isn’t, it’s like you are taking advantage.

Don’t hold your breath. Breathe slowly through your nose. If you can’t do this you will have to have shorter kisses but more of them. Problem solved, and it will still be just as awesome.

Never ever under any circumstances tell someone  they are a bad kisser. Some people may use a different technique (faster or slower) so it doesn’t suit you, but that is no excuse to criticize them. A kiss is a deeply intimate moment, and you should never trivialize the intimacy. If the person you kissed is not compatible with you, put it down to experience and move on.

If your first kiss happens  to be in a club or pub, there isn’t quite as much thought  involved because  you prob- ably won’t even know the other person you are kissing. The setting that you are in will have quite an effect on how your kiss goes. Follow the same hints as above if you are sitting down, but if you are on the dance floor then things will move a little quicker. You probably won’t be quite as nervous because there are people around and there is a lot of noise. If you really think the dance floor is the best place for you first kiss, beware  there is a lot of skill involved to kiss someone while dancing and people pushing you around. Be careful not to bite their tongue or clash faces.

Dealing with Nerves

The sad thing is that when it comes to the first kiss it is so frightening that a lot of people miss their chance. They are  so nervous that it seems easier not to do it. While the first kiss is great  it’s the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,

6th and all the other kisses that are so fantastic because  all your worries are gone and you don’t think about anything but the kiss. So it’s just the first part that is scary. As in so many situations in life, anticipation is all too often worse than reality. In a way nervousness  is a good sign, as obviously you really want this and want it to work.

Tipp 50 Starten Sie perfekt für Ihre Freunde, indem er ihr eine sinnliche Massage (50 Erstaunliche Tipps für Garantiert Erfolg bei Frauen)

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Um in der Lage, um Frauen ein großer Liebhaber haben Sie am Vorspiel Mann zu sein, verführen und zu werden.

Wie Sie wahrscheinlich wissen Vorspiel kann es sich um eine Menge von Schritten und Handlungen.

Aber, bevor Sie selbst zu initiieren küssen und andere sexuelle Handlungen, sollten Sie sie in Stimmung zu kommen, indem er ihr eine erotische sinnliche Massage.

Wenn Sie gut darin, eine Frau sinnliche Massage sind, können Sie sie in einer entspannten setzen
(und eingeschalteten) Zustand, der es einfach macht, sie zu verführen.

Lernen, wie man sinnliche Massagen geben kann, ein wenig Zeit zu nehmen, aber es gibt eine
einige Grundregeln, die Ihre Fähigkeiten erheblich verbessern können:

• Verdunkeln Sie die Lichter, verwenden Kerzenbeleuchtung und setzen auf sanfte Musik

• Verwenden Sie Lotion als eine Möglichkeit, Mantelreibung zu vermeiden

• Stellen Sie sicher, sie ist warm und entspannt vor dem Start. Wenn Sie die Raumtemperatur höher als normal eingestellt

• Massieren Sie ihr mit der flachen Händen und Fingern zusammen geschlossen

• Verwenden Sie eine konsistente Rhythmus und halten eine im gleichen Tempo

• Verwenden Sie nur Ihre Finger bei der Arbeit an wirklich angespannt Spots

• Arbeiten Sie am ganzen Körper, beginnend mit den Schultern und Rücken. Dann bewegen Sie sich zu ihrem Intimbereich, als sie wird entspannter

Mit dem Wissen, wie man große sinnliche Massagen geben, werden Sie feststellen, es ist viel einfacher, sie in der Stimmung zu versetzen und starten Sie verführen.

Also, wenn Sie ernsthaft über die Verbesserung Ihrer Verführung Fähigkeiten sind, üben Sie diese Schritte und lernen, wie man sinnliche Massagen zu geben.
Bonus-Tipp # 1 – 3 Perfekte erste Date

Ihre ersten Tag sollten zurückhaltend sein und Spaß!

Deshalb müssen Sie sicherstellen, daß du sie richtig zu nehmen.

Während Sie, eine Frau zu beeindrucken wollen, müssen Sie auch sicherstellen, dass Sie nicht erscheinen, zu übereifrig zu sein.

Die einen Fehler Jungs machen am ersten Tag ist es, eine Frau zu einem feinen Restaurant zu bringen und kaufen ihr teure Geschenke.

Leider ist dies ändert nichts an Anziehungskraft zu bauen. Statt es schafft zu viel Druck und macht sie fühlen sich unwohl.

Also anstatt weht Tonnen von Geld auf Ihrem ersten Datum und die Schaffung einer unangenehmen Situation, sollten Sie auf das Denken der erste Date, die unvergesslich und Spaß sind zu konzentrieren.

Was Sie tun möchten, ist der Meinung einer Aktivität, die Ihnen erlauben, eine emotionale und physische Verbindung herstellen werde. Wie ein Besuch in einem Restaurant – Wenn Sie sowohl eine gute Zeit haben, dann können Sie auf einem zweiten Datum, das ist * Standard * gehen.

Im Folgenden werden drei allgemeine Orte und Aktivitäten Sie an Ihrem ersten Tag tun können:

Idea # 1 treffen für Getränke oder Kaffee

Während Treffen für Drinks oder Kaffee ist ein * Standard * Datum Idee, die viele Menschen nutzen, ist es immer noch sehr effektiv für immer, eine Frau in einem low-key-Umgebung kennen.

Wenn Sie für Getränke oder Kaffee zu treffen, sind Sie in der Lage, eine lässige Art und Weise ohne den Druck der einander gegen aus ganz einem Tisch im Restaurant sprechen in.

Ich mag an Treffen für Drinks oder Kaffee ist, dass Sie in einem Abstand befinden, den physikalischen Kontakt herzustellen. Das heißt, Sie sind in der Lage, zu flirten und betonen verschiedene Dinge während des Gesprächs, das zur Attraktion aufbauen hilft.
Idea # 2 Spielen

Ein weiterer großartiger Ort, um eine Frau auf einem aktuellen Stand zu bringen ist zu einem Ort, wo man Spiele wie eine Schwimmhalle, Minigolf, der Promenade oder eine Videospielhalle spielen.

Was mir an Spielen auf einen ersten Termin ist Sie in der Lage, den Druck, die oft mit Treffen zum ersten Mal kommen, zu vermeiden. Sie können Spaß haben, während wettbewerbsfähig und Verhaltensweisen auf spielerische Weise.

Idea # 3 Holen physikalischen

Okay, wenn ich sage * get physical *, ich bin nicht über Sex reden (noch) nicht.

Stattdessen bin ich über einen ersten Termin Idee, wo Sie etwas, das in einer körperlichen Aktivität beinhaltet tun reden.

Egal, ob Sie für eine Wanderung gehst, Inlineskaten oder Eislaufen, Beteiligung an einer körperlichen Aktivität kann Spaß machen. Es ist auch ein guter erster Tag Idee, weil Sie in der Lage, sofort zu entdecken, wenn diese Frau hat eine abenteuerliche Haltung.

Alle drei dieser ersten Date-Vorschläge sind eine gute Möglichkeit, sich von anderen Jungs. Sie können, ohne das Gefühl der Druck der * Vorstellungsgespräch * Typ Termine Spaß machen.

Denken Sie daran, die Dinge low key und Spaß zu halten. Ihre ersten Tag sollte eine angenehme Zeit, in der Sie in der Lage, zu entscheiden, wenn es irgendein Potenzial für den Aufbau eine lustige und spannende Zeit.

Jetzt im Laufe Ihrer ersten Gespräch mit einer Frau, sollten Sie sich Gedanken, einen ersten Termin Idee zu haben und griff nach ihrer Zahl. Nachdem Sie das erste Datum festgelegt haben, sollten Sie mit den Vorbereitungen für sie.

Im nächsten Schritt, werde ich ein paar allgemeine Leitlinien für eine eine spannende erste Datum geben …

Nun, ich hoffe, dass Sie die 50 Tipps in diesem ebook enthalten genossen!

Denken Sie daran, dass aus Frauen kommt den einfachen Prozess zu wissen, wie sich zu nähern und Anziehungskraft.

So ist es an Ihnen, die Tipps, die Sie in diesem ebook gelernt haben, anzuwenden.

Nun, wenn Sie einer von denen, die bereits die meisten der Rat, den ich in diesem ebook umrissen wusste, dann sollten Sie für Voraus Techniken zur Verführung zu suchen.

Glücklicherweise habe ich vor kurzem fand ein tolles Programm, das Ihnen beibringt, wie man von einem durchschnittlichen frustrierten Hüfte in einen Meister der Frauen anzuziehen zu gehen.

Im Double Your Dating Sie von einem Top-Dating-Experten über die Geheimnisse für die Anziehung von Frauen und Dating Frauen lernen.

Es ist wie das Empfangen von persönlichen Coaching Tipps, wie man mit Frauen erfolgreich zu sein!

Also, wenn Sie daran interessiert sind zu lernen, wie Sie Ihren Erfolg mit Frauen zu erhöhen sind, I
empfehlen Ihnen, Ihre Dating einen Blick auf die Doppel. Nun nochmals vielen Dank für die Zeit nehmen, diesen Bericht zu lesen!
Alles was Sie jetzt tun müssen, ist anzuwenden, was Sie gelernt haben, und du wirst ein geworden
Instant-Meister bei Frauen anzuziehen! Um Ihren Erfolg bei den Frauen,

Conseils 50 début Votre Séduction en lui donnant un massage sensuel (50 Conseils Amazing Pour garanti succès avec les femmes)

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Afin d’être en mesure de séduire les femmes et de devenir un grand amoureux, vous devez être habile à les préliminaires.

Comme vous le savez sans doute préliminaires peut impliquer un grand nombre de mesures et d’actions.

Mais avant de vous lancer, même les baisers et autres gestes sexuels, vous devriez lui mettre dans l’ambiance en lui donnant un massage sensuel érotique.

Si vous êtes bon à donner un massage sensuel de la femme, vous pouvez la mettre dans une atmosphère détendue
(et tourné sur) l’état qui le rend facile à séduire.

Apprendre à donner des massages sensuels peut prendre un peu de temps, mais il ya un
quelques règles de base qui peut considérablement améliorer vos compétences:

• Foncer les lumières, utiliser l’éclairage de la bougie et mettez de la musique douce

• Utiliser une lotion comme un moyen pour éviter les frottements de la peau

• Assurez-vous qu’elle est chaleureuse et détendue avant de commencer. Si vous devez régler la température ambiante plus élevée que la normale

• son massage avec le plat de vos mains et de vos doigts se refermèrent ensemble

• Utilisez un rythme cohérent et garder un même rythme

• Utilisez uniquement vos doigts lorsque l’on travaille sur des spots vraiment tendu

• Travailler sur tout son corps, en commençant par ses épaules et le dos. Puis déplacer vers le bas à ses zones intimes comme elle devient plus détendu

En sachant comment donner de grands massages sensuels, vous verrez qu’il est beaucoup plus facile de la mettre dans l’ambiance et commencer la séduire.

Donc, si vous êtes sérieux au sujet de l’amélioration de vos compétences de séduction, pratiquer ces étapes et apprendre à donner des massages sensuels.
BONUS Astuce # 1 – 3 premier parfait premier rendez Idées

Votre premier rendez-vous doit être discret et amusant!

Voilà pourquoi vous devez vous assurer que vous emmener au bon endroit.

Alors que vous voulez impressionner une femme, vous devez également vous assurer que vous ne paraissant pas être trop zélé.

Les gars d’une erreur que font à la première date est de mettre une femme dans un restaurant chic et acheter ses cadeaux coûteux.

Malheureusement, cela ne fait rien pour construire l’attraction. Au lieu de cela, il crée trop de pression et rend mal à l’aise.

Donc, au lieu de souffler des tonnes d’argent sur votre première date et créer une situation inconfortable, vous devriez vous concentrer sur la pensée des idées premières de date qui sont à la fois mémorable et amusant.

Qu’est-ce que vous voulez faire est de penser d’une activité qui va vous permettre d’établir un lien émotionnel et physique. Si vous avez à la fois un bon moment, alors vous pouvez aller sur une deuxième date qui est plus standard * * – comme aller à un restaurant.

Les trois endroits généraux et les activités que vous pouvez faire sur votre première date sont les suivantes:

Idée n ° 1- Rencontre pour les boissons ou café

Lors de sa rencontre pour des boissons ou de café est une idée de la date * * standard que beaucoup de gens utilisent, il est encore très efficace pour apprendre à connaître une femme dans un environnement à faible clé.

Lorsque vous rencontrez des boissons ou de café, vous êtes capable de converser d’une manière décontractée, sans la pression de la face de l’autre à travers une table de restaurant.

Ce qui me plaît de réunion pour des boissons ou de café est que vous êtes à une distance d’établir un contact physique. Cela signifie que vous êtes en mesure de flirter et l’accent sur différentes choses pendant votre conversation qui aide à construire l’attraction.
Idée # 2 Jouer à des jeux

Un autre endroit idéal pour amener une femme à une date est à un endroit où vous pouvez jouer à des jeux comme une salle de billard, mini-golf, la promenade ou d’une salle de jeux vidéo.

Ce que je aime jouer à des jeux sur une première date est que vous êtes en mesure d’éviter les pressions qui viennent souvent avec de réunion pour la première fois. Vous pouvez vous amuser tout en étant compétitif et de se comporter d’une manière ludique.

Idée n ° 3- Obtenez physique

Bon, quand je dis * * obtenir physique, je ne parle pas de sexe (encore).

Au lieu de cela, je veux parler d’un premier rendez-vous idée d’où vous faites quelque chose qui implique une activité physique.

Si vous allez pour une randonnée, patin à roues alignées ou le patinage sur glace, se livrer à une activité physique peut être amusant. Il est également une bonne idée première de la date parce que vous serez en mesure de découvrir immédiatement si cette femme a une attitude aventureuse.

Tous les trois de ces premières idées de date sont un excellent moyen de se démarquer des autres gars. Ils peuvent être amusant sans se sentir les pressions des * entrevue d’emploi dates de type *.

Rappelez-vous juste de garder les choses discret et amusant. Votre premier rendez-vous doit être un moment agréable où vous êtes en mesure de décider si il ya un potentiel pour construire un moment amusant et excitant.

Maintenant, au cours de votre première conversation avec une femme, vous devriez avoir la pensée d’une première idée de la date et saisit son numéro. Une fois que vous avez mis en place la première date, vous devriez commencer à s’y préparer.

Dans la prochaine étape, je vais vous donner quelques directives générales pour une création d’un premier rendez-vous excitant …

Eh bien, je l’espère que vous avez apprécié les 50 conseils inclus dans cet ebook!

Rappelez-vous que les femmes datant descend le processus simple de savoir comment aborder et d’attraction.

Donc, il est à vous pour appliquer les conseils que vous avez appris tout au long de cet ebook.

Maintenant, si vous êtes l’un de ces gars qui connaissaient déjà la plupart des conseils je l’ai souligné dans cet ebook, alors vous devriez regarder pour les techniques de l’avance pour la séduction.

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Il est comme recevoir des conseils de coaching personnel sur la façon de réussir avec les femmes!

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Tips 50 Start Your Seduction By Giving Her a Sensual Massage (50 Amazing Tips For Guaranteed Success With Women)

Published by:

In order to be able to seduce women and become a great lover you have to be skilled at foreplay.

As you probably know foreplay can involve a lot of steps and actions.

But before you even initiate kissing and other sexual actions, you should get her in the mood by giving her an erotic sensual massage.

If you’re good at giving a woman sensual massage, you can put her in a relaxed
(and turned-on) state which makes it easy to seduce her.

Learning how to give sensual massages can take a bit of time, but there are a
few basic rules which can dramatically improve your skills:

• Darken the lights, use candle illumination and put on soft music

• Use lotion as a way to avoid skin friction

• Make sure she’s warm and relaxed before starting. If you have to set the room temperature higher then normal

• Massage her with the flat of your hands and your fingers closed together

• Use a consistent rhythm and keep a the same pace

• Only use your fingers when working on really tense spots

• Work all over her body, starting with her shoulders and back. Then move down to her intimate areas as she becomes more relaxed

By knowing how to give great sensual massages, you’ll find it’s much easier to put her in the mood and start seducing her.

So if you’re serious about improving your seduction skills, practice these steps and learn how to give sensual massages.
BONUS TIP #1 – 3 Perfect First Date Ideas

Your first date should be low key and fun!

That’s why you must ensure you take her to right place.

While you want to impress a woman, you also have to make sure you’re not appearing to be too overeager.

The one mistake guys make on the first date is to bring a woman to a fancy restaurant and buy her expensive gifts.

Unfortunately this does nothing to build attraction. Instead it creates too much pressure and makes her feel uncomfortable.

So instead of blowing tons of money on your first date and creating an uncomfortable situation, you should focus on thinking of first date ideas which are both memorable and fun.

What you want to do is think of an activity that’ll allow you to establish an emotional and physical connection. If you both have a good time, then you can go on a second date that is more *standard*- like going to a restaurant.

The following are three general places and activities you can do on your first date:

Idea #1- Meet for drinks or coffee

While meeting for drinks or coffee is a *standard* date idea which many people use, it’s still very effective for getting to know a woman in a low-key environment.

When you meet for drinks or coffee, you’re able to converse in a casual manner without the pressure of facing each other from across a restaurant table.

What I like about meeting for drinks or coffee is you’re within a distance to establish physical contact. This means you’re able to flirt and emphasize different things during your conversation which helps to build attraction.
Idea #2- Play games

Another great place to bring a woman on a date is to a place where you can play games like a pool hall, miniature golf, the boardwalk or a video arcade.

What I love about playing games on a first date is you’re able to avoid the pressures that often come with meeting for the first time. You can have fun while being competitive and behaving in a playful manner.

Idea #3- Get physical

Okay when I say *get physical*, I’m not talking about sex (yet).

Instead I’m talking about a first date idea where you do something which involves in a physical activity.

Whether you’re going for a hike, rollerblading or ice skating, engaging in a physical activity can be fun. It’s also a good first date idea because you’ll be able to immediately discover if this woman has an adventurous attitude.

All three of these first date ideas are a great way stand out from other guys. They can be fun without feeling the pressures of the *job interview* type dates.

Just remember to keep things low key and fun. Your first date should be an enjoyable time where you’re able to decide if there is any potential for building a fun and exciting time.

Now during the course of your initial conversation with a woman, you should have thought of a first date idea and grabbed her number. Once you’ve set up the first date, you should start preparing for it.

In the next step, I’ll give a few overall guidelines for a creating an exciting first date…

Well I hope you enjoyed the 50 tips included in this ebook!

Just remember that dating women comes down the simple process of knowing how to approach and attraction.

So it’s up to you to apply the tips you’ve learned throughout this ebook.

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instant master at attracting women! To your success with women,

Tipp 49 Drei Relationship Rules (50 erstaunliche Tipps für garantierte Erfolg bei Frauen)

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Es gibt Zeiten, wenn Sie schon mit einer Frau, wo Sie sich entscheiden, den Sprung in eine Beziehung zu nehmen.

Sie sind voneinander angezogen und Sie romantische Gefühle für einander, die über Dates geht zu haben.

Aber es gibt eine Gefahr für die in einer Beziehung …

Wenn Sie in einer Beziehung sind, gibt es die Tendenz für die Dinge, die stagnierende zu werden und mit einer Frau, die keinen Spaß mehr macht. Nach einer Weile hängen mit Ihrer Freundin wird wie eine lästige Pflicht.

Die gute Nachricht ist, gibt es einige Möglichkeiten, um eine dauerhafte Beziehung aufzubauen. Hier sind drei Regeln, die Sie befolgen sollten, wenn Sie einen Spaß und dauerhafte Beziehung entwickeln wollen.

Relationship Rule # 1 Halten Sie die Dinge lustig und spannend

Die häufigste Todesursache von einer Beziehung ist gerade die Dinge stagniert.

Beziehungen sind um Spaß mit der Frau Ihnen datieren. Das heißt, Sie sollten niemals die Dinge langweilig, wenn Sie um miteinander sind.

Als die Beziehung entwickelt sich weiterhin spannende Dinge wie los spontan Ausflüge und planen interessante Aktivitäten zu tun.

Relationship Rule # 2- Behandelt einander auf Augenhöhe

Ein anderer Weg, um eine Beziehung zu zerstören, ist zu einem dominanten Partner zu haben.

Wenn du sie nicht respektieren, werden Sie beginnen, um von ihr als eine minderwertige denken. Auf der anderen Seite, wenn Ihre Frau ist der dominante Partner sie von Ihnen in einer untergeordneten Weise zu denken werde.

Nach Ansicht der meisten Psychologen, ist es schwer, an jemanden, der dich nicht respektieren oder zu prüfen, eine gleiche angezogen werden.

Um eine gesunde Beziehung haben sicherzustellen, dass Sie eine dynamische, wo die beiden Partner miteinander umgehen, wie equals erstellen.
Relationship Rule # 3 Seien Sie ehrlich mit einander

Ein Weg, um eine vertrauensvolle und ernste Beziehung zu bauen, ist sein offen über Probleme bei Ihnen auftreten.

Wenn etwas stört Sie, ehrlich sein und erklären, warum Sie das Gefühl auf diese Weise. Ermutigen sie auch das gleiche zu tun.

Wenn Sie beide offen über Ihre Gefühle sind, dann werden Sie feststellen, es ist einfach, eine gute Beziehung zu haben.

Es ist nicht schwer, eine gute Beziehung zu entwickeln.

Alles, was Sie tun müssen ist, nehmen sie ernst und legte einige Mühe hinein. Dann werden Sie auch weiterhin um Spaß zu haben und wollen, um Zeit mit der Frau, die Ihnen datieren zu verbringen.

Conseils 49 trois règles relations (50 Conseils Amazing pour un succès garanti avec les femmes)

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Il ya des moments où vous avez été datant une femme où vous décidez de prendre le plongeon dans une relation.

Vous êtes attiré par l’autre et que vous avez des sentiments pour un autre qui va au-delà de romance.

Mais il ya un danger pour être dans une relation …

Lorsque vous êtes dans une relation, il est tendance pour les choses à stagner et d’être avec une femme cesse d’être amusant. Après avoir accroché un certain temps avec votre petite amie devient comme une corvée.

Les bonnes nouvelles sont il ya quelques façons de construire une relation durable. Voici trois règles que vous devez suivre si vous voulez développer un amusement et une relation durable.

Relation Règle n ° 1- Gardez les choses amusant et excitant

Le plus grand tueur d’une relation est de laisser les choses se stagnante.

Les relations sont d’avoir du plaisir avec la femme que vous êtes datant. Cela signifie que vous ne devez jamais laisser les choses deviennent ternes lorsque vous êtes autour de l’autre.

Comme la relation évolue continuer à faire des choses excitantes comme aller sur éperon des voyages de moment et la planification des activités intéressantes.

Relation Règle n ° 2- traiter mutuellement comme des égaux

Une autre façon de détruire une relation est d’avoir un partenaire dominant.

Si vous ne la respectez pas, vous allez commencer à penser à elle comme un inférieur. D’autre part, si votre femme est le partenaire dominant, elle va penser de vous d’une manière inférieure.

Selon la plupart des psychologues, il est difficile d’être attiré par quelqu’un qui vous ne respectez pas ou d’envisager une égalité.

Pour avoir une relation saine assurez-vous de créer une dynamique où les deux partenaires se traiter mutuellement comme égaux.
Relation Règle n ° 3- Soyez honnête avec l’autre

Une façon de bâtir une relation de confiance et à long est d’être franc au sujet de tous les problèmes que vous rencontrez.

Si quelque chose vous dérange, être honnête à ce sujet et expliquer pourquoi vous vous sentez de cette façon. Encourager aussi son à faire de même.

Lorsque vous êtes à la fois ouverte sur vos sentiments, vous verrez qu’il est facile d’avoir une excellente relation.

Il est facile de développer une excellente relation.

Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de prendre au sérieux et de mettre un peu d’efforts. Alors vous allez continuer à avoir du plaisir et que vous voulez passer du temps avec la femme que vous êtes datant.